"Holy Diver, Batman! "Push" is amazing! Dio has always been my favorite vocalist and "Dio Dan" sounded just like him. Just close your eyes and listen... It's like Ronnie was there! Outstanding! Good enough to play at the "Carolina County Ball." :) ( ...*cough, cough*...please add "Stargazer" to your next set list...*cough, cough*...;) ) Cheers guys! Thanks for playing a great show!"

I'm still bragging to my friends, on your behalf, at how talented you all are. When you come back near Middletown, I am bringing my son with me.
Dan - God gave you a great talent. I am very happy to hear Ronnie singing through you. It's amazing.
Steve - I love the fact that you are a natural left-handed guitar player. A great sound, just like Tony Iommi.
Jay - Your bass playing reminds me so much of Jimmy Bain. You have a great talent! Cheers!
Dan - You've got Vinnie Appice's great "drumming abilities." (Does that sound right? ). Well done!
Push is amazing. I just don't know how else to describe you guys. After that show, I had to dig out my Elf, Rainbow, Dio, and Sabbath cd's. You guys sounded so good, I figured that you were a tribute band from another state that was going around on a small tour. Cheers! "YOU rock!" "Stand Up and Shout!"
M.L. Middletown,OH

Just found your page. And as a life long Dio fan I thought I'll give it a listen. you and your band sound Awesome!! Great job paying tribute to the great vioce of metal!
S.J. Berea, KY

Amazing! The vocals and the band felt and sounded like DIO. I absolutely love PUSH!

Just saw one your videos and I love it!
J.S. Piqua, Oh

Awesome band! Would definitely go see them again!
L.H. Hamilton, Oh